One Piece Gives Rob Lucci a Hilariously Adorable Low-Cost Cosplay

Low Cost Cosplay strikes again by hilariously bringing One Piece's Rob Lucci to life using a feline companion.

The War For Wano has come to an end in both One Piece's manga and anime, as Eiichiro Oda leads the Straw Hat Pirates on their final adventure. While Monkey D. Luffy was able to claim victory against Kaido by discovering the power known as Gear Fifth, the Straw Hats' captain has already employed his ultimate form in two wild battles. As Rob Lucci once again tangoes with the Straw Hats and faces down Luffy in his Gear Fifth form, Low Cost Cosplay has revisited the shonen franchise by hilariously bringing the government agent to life.

Lucci himself had eaten a Zoan-type Devil Fruit dubbed the Neko Neko no Mi, allowing the villain to transform into a leopard/human hybrid form. While Rob Lucci had faced Luffy in the past and lost, the final saga saw him returning during the Future Island Arc. Coming face-to-face with Luffy, Lucci was brought low by Gear Fifth but is now fighting against Roronoa Zoro as the hunt for Vegapunk continues to heat up. As Eiichiro Oda continues to move the numerous players on the Grand Line's board, the final saga is aiming to end the Straw Hats' story in a spectacularly grand fashion.

A Low-Cost Lucci

Thanks to Lucci's status as a brawler who has the ability to transform his body into a leopard hybrid, Low-Cost Cosplay took the hilarious route of using a real-life feline to hammer home the look. While Rob is a major villain who is fighting against the Straw Hats in the final manga saga, there are more than a few additional villains that are waiting in the wings. When it comes to the World Government specifically, the mysterious Imu might be the biggest bad that Luffy and company will have to face when it comes to the "establishment".

Following the success of One Piece's live-action series, the adaptation has been confirmed for a second. Set to most likely explore the Drum Island and Alabasta Arcs, fans most likely shouldn't expect Lucci to make an appearance in the eventual season. Rest assured, he'll have a big role to play in the live-action show when Lucci does arrive on the streaming service.

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