Dragon Ball Super Artist Captures Gotenks' Weakest Self

Toyotaro, Dragon Ball Super's artist, shares a new take on "Skinny Gotenks".

Performing a successful Fusion Dance in the Dragon Ball universe will normally create a powerful being that is far stronger than the original two beings that had fused. However, should even the slightest movement be screwed up in the anime dance, disastrous effects can take place for the participants. Such was the case in the latest Dragon Ball Super film as Goten and Trunks found themselves bungling the dance and creating a less-than-stellar version of Gotenks. Now, the manga's current artist has given anime fans a new look at fused character.

Goten and Trunks first fused in Dragon Ball Z in an effort to take down Majin Buu, as their fusion created a Z-Fighter that had the ability to instantly access Super Saiyan levels one through three. While Gotenks has been a wildly powerful figure in the shonen series, the fusion hasn't managed to accomplish much in the sequel series as he was defeated by Beerus and Frieza earlier in the story. Not participating in the Tournament of Power, viewers were able to see Gotenks return during the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but the sons of Goku and Vegeta were unable to successfully pull off the fusion dance in the face of Cell Max.

Teenage Gotenks Can't Win

Ironically enough, Dragon Ball fans have yet to see what a Teenage Gotenks looks like when the fusion dance is performed successfully by Goten and Trunks. While the final moments of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hinted at the idea that the sons of Goku and Vegeta were successful in their fusion, viewers weren't able to see the results before the credits hit. With only a few chapters left in the manga's adaption of the latest film, perhaps we'll see a successful Gotenks arrive in the shonen's future.

(Photo: Official Dragon Ball Website)

Dragon Ball Super's anime adaptation remains in limbo since Super Hero introduced viewers to the likes of Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast. However, next month's New York Comic-Con has been hinting that a big announcement is coming for the shonen series as Dragon Ball has announced a special panel at the annual event. While details remain few and far between, anime fans are crossing their fingers that Dragon Ball Super's return to the anime world is on the horizon.

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