Dragon Ball Is Bringing a Surprising Guest to Its Big NYCC Panel

Dragon Ball has a big panel planned for New York Comic Con come October, and we have learned who will be attending.

Dragon Ball is one of those series you cannot avoid if you like anime. The series has become larger than life over the decades, and we have Son Goku to thank. In recent years, the Saiyan has been dominating movie theaters with new films, but we've got no idea where the IP is heading these days. We will hopefully get some new info when Dragon Ball takes over New York Comic Con, and now we know who will be bringing the event to life.

Over on the official New York Comic Con site, the listing for Dragon Ball's big panel has been updated. We have been told who will be on the panel, and it is none other than Aiko Iyoku. The guest is one of the main forces behind Dragon Ball's think tank at Shueisha. He will be joined by the English voice actors for Whis and Bulma, but right now, fans are all scratching their heads over Iyoku's appearance.

After all, the Dragon Ball creator has been in the headlines this fall because of his reported rift with the IP. Back in August, Bunshun Online in Japan reported that Iyoku had stepped down from their role at Shueisha as part of its Dragon Ball think tank. The group has been in operation for years now, and it is responsible for pitching the next steps for Dragon Ball. Iyoku headed up the team, but now, he has left Shueisha to form his own company known as Capsule Corporation Tokyo.

According to the report released in August, Iyoku made the new company in a bid to take over part of the Dragon Ball IP from Shueisha. Bunshun Online suggested Iyoku wanted to assume control of Dragon Ball's anime and gaming future while Shueisha oversees the manga as always. No official word was ever given regarding this report, and it didn't take long for speculation to surface. This is all why Iyoku's involvement with New York Comic Con has fans on edge. All of the uncertainty about Iyoku and Shueisha's role with Dragon Ball is throwing everyone off. So hopefully, New York Comic Con will give fans some much-needed info at its Dragon Ball panel. 

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