Doctor Who Showrunner For 60th Anniversary Season Revealed To Be Russell T Davies Returning

Doctor Who is bringing back Russell T. Davies to serve as showrunner for the 60th Anniversary Season. The news dropped today in a social media post from the BBC and the entire fandom is shocked. Chris Chibnall will not be returning as Davies takes over the reins. Doctor Who posted the news to the show's website as people scramble to see what the deal is. Essentially, for the uninitiated, this is a marked decision by the TV staple to return to a formula that a lot of fans loved. Davies helmed the return of the show in 2005. That run is looked upon fondly by a lot of modern Doctor Who fans. But, there will be a section of the viewership that may have been looking forward to a new voice getting in there. Whatever the case, the former showrunner is back in the saddle and had some kind words for his predecessor in a statement.

Davies explained, "I'm beyond excited to be back on my favourite show. But we're time-travelling too fast, there's a whole series of Jodie Whittaker's brilliant Doctor for me to enjoy, with my friend and hero Chris Chibnall at the helm – I'm still a viewer for now."

The former showrunner was very congratulatory when it came to the news of his replacement. "It's monumentally exciting and fitting that Doctor Who's 60th anniversary will see one of Britain's screenwriting diamonds return home," he remarked. "Russell built the baton that is about to be handed back to him - Doctor Who, the BBC, the screen industry in Wales, and let's be honest everyone in the whole world, have so many reasons to be Very Excited Indeed about what lies ahead."

BBC Director of Drama Piers Wenger sounded ecstatic about this announcement. You can bet a ton of the fanbase feels the same way. "As the 13th Doctor prepares to embark on new and extraordinary adventures, the winds of change are blowing… bringing with them news to delight 'Doctor Who' fans across the globe," he added. "We are thrilled that Russell is returning to Doctor Who to build on the huge achievements of Chris and Jodie. Thank you to the two of them and the team in Cardiff for all they continue to do for the show and hello Russell, it's wonderful to have you back."

The network posted this blurb about the switch up, "Russell T Davies will make an explosive return to screens to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2023, and series beyond. Responsible for Doctor Who's revival in 2005, he is credited with propelling the show into a global phenomenon and making it one of TV's biggest hits. His tenure on the show oversaw a surge in popularity enjoying huge acclaim and success. The Doctor won the nation's hearts through his masterful relaunch, which led him to create two spin off series, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures during that time."

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