Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Books Major Guests for First Show Back After Strike's End

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon will return from hiatus Monday, October 2.

With the Writers' Strike having ended just days ago, late night TV is officially coming back. HBO has already confirmed a new episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver will air this Sunday, and now Jimmy Fallon has revealed when The Tonight Show will be back. Taking to Instagram to post a new video, The Tonight Show host confirmed a new episode of the series will arrive on NBC on Monday, October 2nd. Fallon also confirmed that this new episode of The Tonight Show will feature Matthew McConaughey and John Mayer as its guests. This new episode of The Tonight Show will mark the first new episode since Monday, May 1st when Rosie O'Donnell and SUGA appeared, the Writer's Strike began the very next day.

"We are baaaaaaaack!!! I missed you guys so much. New show this Monday. McConaughey. Mayer. Me," Fallon wrote on Instagram, posting a video of him playing guitar while. It's worth noting for anyone confused about how Matthew McConaughey can appear on The Tonight Show depsite the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing, he'll be appearing on the show to talk about something that's not his acting career but rather his new children's book, Just Because. McConaughey will almost certainly not talk about any projects either as it would go against SAG-AFTRA strike rules.

Next week's episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon will not only be the first episode in months but is also the first episode since the host's recent controversy. At the start of September a new report was revealed about The Tonight Show working conditions with over a dozen different current and former staffers of The Tonight Show accusing Fallon of fostering a toxic work environment and having "erratic' behavior towards coworkers. It wasn't long before this expose dropped that Fallon reportedly apologized on a call to the crew of the series.

'm sorry if I embarrassed you," Fallon reportedly said on the call. "I never set out to create that type of atmosphere at the show. I think sometimes I'm working with the best of the best, you guys are the top of the game....I want this show to be fun, it should be inclusive for everybody, it should be funny, it should be the best show, the best people."

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon has already been renewed by NBC until 2026.